"OK, I’d like to learn more.  What’s next?"

A ten minute phone call to explain the process and roll around some ideas;  that’s it. I’ll answer your questions about cost, delivery, programmatic content, timelines, and the possibility of on-sight working with your group.

As a band director for 29 years (now retired), I understand how valuable your time is. I am available during your planning period, after school, evenings and weekends for this conversation.  Please click the link above to go to my "Contact" page. Fill out the information and send it to me. I'll get back to you ASAP. Or just call me at 706-506-7514. 

Considering a commission? Here are some of  the most  Frequently Asked Questions about the benefits as well as the process.

"What's in it for me (and my music program?)"

  • A new work of music, customized specifically to you and your group's ability level.

  • Recognition every time this piece is played - you and your ensemble are listed on the score and parts, right under the title, in addition to whatever additional dedication you request.

  • The privilege of presenting the first performance and listing it in your program as a “world premiere.” Think about the excitement your band will experience preparing and performing a brand new piece of music that has never been performed in public before.

  • Is your group celebrating an anniversary or has it been invited to perform at a special event or venue? What better way to commemorate the occasion than to commission a special work for premiere performance. 

  • Collaboration among you and me and your students. Working with a living composer and hearing first hand, behind the scenes information about the process of composition can introduce your students to a whole new world of music appreciation. I work with you to create your music from beginning to end.  We talk about the theme or the occasion for the piece. We build a plan for creating the music from consultation during the creative process all the way to final delivery and performance of the piece.